I'm a Data Analyst who currently lives in CT. I've sought a platform like this to express my thoughts and share insight into what’s going on in the world.
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Regulators in China have announced a ban on all forms of crypto activities related to transactions and mining. These regulators include China’s premier financial institutions, the central bank, securities and foreign regulators, and many other agencies. They are taking extreme measures to control this lucrative market and are partly to…

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Google has been known to many as a company that provides the best-in-class web search, relentless browser advertising, and somewhat useful technology. However, The technology and intellectual property Google has acquired over the years hasn’t always been through honest ethics. There have been many that have sought retribution and proper…

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The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract, also known as JEDI, was recently canceled by the United States Department of Defense. The cloud computing project associated with the contract was meant to process and store classified information, allow U.S. armed forces to improve their communications, and utilize artificial intelligence efficiently in…

Matt Sanchez

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